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Sleuth 2500

A Mystery Novella

Middle Grade

A mysterious girl shows up inside Noah’s house. Who is she? How did she get here? Why is she obsessed over an unsolved murder that happened in Noah’s room 30 years ago?

Noah agrees to join her quest to get answers. But is she putting him in danger? With time running out, Noah takes the biggest risk of his life, and slides into an ending that neither he – nor the reader – saw coming….

Originally published by Scholastic in the anthology, Unexpected:Eleven Mysterious Stories.

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Living on Chocolate

Middle Grade

“I lived on Chocolate Circle for two months before I realized the sign on the corner referred to me . . . .”

Annie’s life hasn’t been easy. Losing her hearing at the age of seven was the worst thing that ever happened to her—until her mother gave her up to foster care.

Now, she’s one of many foster kids at a new house. Annie succeeds at remaining invisible—until her first experience with “that time of the month” shines an unwanted spotlight on her. Or . . . could this be the attention she’s been longing for?

Originally published by HarperCollins in the anthology, Period Pieces.

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Happily (Sorta) Ever After (Maybe)

Middle Grade

Lexi is looking forward to a fun summer with friends. So, why does Mom’s job have to send her on a business trip now? Overseas! To China, no less.

Dad is already overseas—in the military. Staying home alone is not an option, so off Lexi goes to live with her brother and his wife in their matchbox-sized house—which will soon be even smaller because of the soon-to-be-born BABY!

Originally published by G.P. Putnam in the anthology  This Family is Driving Me Crazy.

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More novellas will be added in the future. Please check back!