DIAN CURTIS REGAN grew up in Colorado Springs.  She graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, and taught school in Denver before becoming a full-time author.

She has published 60 books for young readers, ranging from board books and picture books to young adult novels and anthology stories (now available as novellas—see link). Her books have won many honors, and have been translated into German, French, Korean, Danish, and Finnish.

She is a former “Member of the Year” of the international Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI.) She was inducted into the Oklahoma Professional Writers’ Hall of Fame, and a library was named after her in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

Her Space Boy books have won a Crystal Kite Award from SCBWI, and have been finalists for both the Colorado Book Award and the Colorado Authors’ League Award.

She is also a recipient of the Golden Quill Award, presented by Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District, for her body of work.

Dian has lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Venezuela, and is now back home in Colorado.

“Dian Curtis Regan is an expert at writing original , imaginative, and highly entertaining picture books, chapter books, as well as both middle-grade and young adult novels.”  

~ Midwest Book Review

A Dozen Facts about Dian

  1. Her real name is Diana.
  2. She’s the only redhead in her family. Her brother once convinced her she’d been left on the doorstep. (See the dedication of Monster Baby to confirm this.)
  3. She has been to every state except one. It begins with an M and is called the Magnolia state.
  4. She has visited 40 countries.
  5. Childhood nicknames: Carrot-top, Flame, Pumpkin-Head, Red, Reddie, Pinky, Dee, and Di. (Also Diana Ipana, but only baby boomers will get that one.)
  6. Secret dream: To live in a flat in Paris for a year.
  7. She lived in South America for three years, visited often for two more, and has published three anthology stories about teens in Venezuela. 
  8. She has kissed the Blarney Stone.
  9. She has ridden an elephant.
  10. She has 100 walruses in her office.
  11. She has a cat named Moonie and a dog named Nelly.
  12. Growing up, she loved reading books about magic, dragons, ghosts, and fairies.  Now she writes them.

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