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Originally: Marshall Cavendish
Now: Amazon Children’s Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-7614-5974-3
Illustrated by Stacy Curtis

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“In this early chapter book with unexpected depth, Miggy experiences an ethical dilemma when she wonders if it’s right to keep (the Dragon Stone’s) power to herself.”  —Kirkus Review

“Fans of the first Magic Tree House book or the Dinosaur Cove series will enjoy this imaginative chapter book.  The cartoon dinosaur with loads of teeth on the cover will entice readers, as will the map and roster of characters.” —School Library Journal

“This story has everything independent readers from age six to eight will enjoy: adventure, excitement, and dinosaurs. There are cute illustrations of the chracters and a detailed map of Rocky Creek and its surrounding area. It is likely there will be more Rocky Cave Kids books to come.” —San Francisco Book Review

Reviews from Readers:

“My son could not wait to read this book after he saw the cover. I hope to see more books in the Rocky Cave series.”

“My daughter enjoyed exploring every inch of the map! I would recommend this book for either a boy or girl who is starting to read chapter books.  Five stars!”

“Where were these books when we were early readers? This one is good for either boys or girls. I think this would be a nice addition to a Christmas gift list.”

“The author has a terrific page on the Internet with all sorts of study guides and information for the parent or teacher.”

“Good read for my 3rd graders. This book is going into our media center to be enjoyed by all students right away.”

“I got this book for my 3rd grade classroom. The teacher review is a thumbs up.”

“This is a solid chapter book for the 7-9 crowd and I think they will love it. It’s part of a series called Rocky Cave Kids, and yes, it has dinosaurs in it!”


About Rocky Cave Kids:

Dinosaurs *disappeared* from the earth

66 million years ago.

“Modern humans” *appeared* on the earth

about 300,000 years ago.

As you can see, dinosaurs and humans

never lived at the same time.

The story about Miggy, Stone, and friends

is a tongue-in-cheek, anachronistic,

imagined pre-historical fiction.”



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Lerner Publishing Group

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Junior Library Guild Selections

Finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award (World)

Texas Horned Toad Tale List (World)

New Hampshire Gate City Book Award List (World)

West Virginia Children’s Book Award List (CyberPals)

“Frequently Funny.” —Booklist

“Laugh out loud hoot of a read, narrated by a girl you’ll wish was real.  Kaley is the girl you want to be your daughter’s best friend.  Perfect for girls between 4th and 6th grades.” —

“Smart, funny, vulnerable, and energetic, Kaley’s notebook is a first-rate read, and that’s a FACT.  I love love love this book.” Cynthia Leitich Smith

“What do you get when you ask a very imaginative girl to write a history essay?  A funny, partly factual, partly personal spin on world history.  Filled with doodles and personal insights, this chapter book is fun to read and fun to look at. Kaley’s creativity runs wild on these notebook pages.” —The Red Balloon Bookseller


Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
Illustrated by Jennifer O’Donnell Danza

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New cover for softcover edition

Junior Library Guild Selection

Children’s Literature Choice Book

Los Angeles Times’ Recommended Book

New York Public Library’s

“100 Titles for Reading and Sharing”

Winner (tie) of the Muse Medallion from the Cat Writers’ Association for “Best Book of the Year Featuring a Cat.”

“Milly, a cat, and Tug, a mouse, exemplify the difficulties of getting along with others.  They compete in a spelling bee, practice a play, tell stories, and write a book describing how they met.  The characters and their childlike actions will appeal to young readers. The pen-and-ink illustrations enhance the story.” School Library Journal

“This story of an unusual friendship will be a great read-aloud for preschoolers.  The simple story line, paired with pen and ink drawings, make this an excellent gift for the beginning reader.” —Children’s Literature


Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
Illustrated by Susan Guevara

New softcover edition:


“Regan captures the classroom ambiance and Brittany’s tiff with her best friend believably.” —Booklist

“Populated with agreeable characters.  Readers will enjoy celebrating historical birthdays with Miss McKellip’s class.” —School Library Journal

“Realistic characterization and amusing plot details add up to a satisfying story.” —Kirkus


Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
Illustrated by Michael Chestworth

New Softcover edition:


“The catchy title and strong effort to depict a realistic, multi-cultural world help to make this book stand out from the crowd.”   —School Library Journal

“Subtly demonstrates the idea that magical thinking is a poor substitute for initiative and self-reliance.” —Kirkus

“The appeal of magical solutions and charms is right on target for elementary school readers who often feel the need of help from powers greater than their own.  Angie’s troubles will strike a sympathetic chord.  Her struggle is nicely developed.  Her recognition that events were coincidental and not controlled by the dolls will make adults comfortable with the story’s resolution.” —Booklist

“Angie and her friends are realistic, her library research is incorporated smoothly and humorously into the peer-group plot, and it’s nice to have an easy middle-grade school story with a twist.”  —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Maryland Black-Eyed Susan

Book Award Nominee

Trumpet Book Club

Weekly Reader Book Club


Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
Illustrated by Anna Dewdney

“This easy-to-read chapter book should appeal to children who have found themselves trying to sell items for the PTA and running into similar difficulties.  The characters are well drawn and there are good family ties shown between Tony, his mother, and his uncle.  The single-parent household is not a primary issue, which is refreshing.  The attractive, humorous illustrations are well place.” —School Library Journal

“An entertaining first chapter book dramatizes what it’s like selling candy door-to-door for a good cause.  Kids will enjoy the lively storytelling.  They’ll recognize Tony’s feelings of intense competition and will enjoy his discovery of unexpected generosity in others and in himself.” —Booklist