Holiday Monsters

Cover art by Doug Cushman
Middle Grade Mystery Series
Curtis Brown Unlimited
Originally published by Scholastic


When Matt goes “over the river and through the woods” to Grandmother’s house, things get weird. Why is Grandma’s creepy handyman so tall and so pale? Why does he wear dark glasses day and night?

Matt and his sister, Rosie, end up at the wrong place at the wrong time—captives of two silly vampires named Wicked and Sinister. 

Will they make it back to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner?  Or will they end up as VAMPIRE TURKEY STUFFING!?

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Ben Garcia’s got a secret. A vampire named Zander is living in his attic—and he plans to stay for the holidays. 

Zander’s got a secret, too. The King of all Vampires is looking for him. And boy, is he not happy that Zander has changed his evil ways and become a nice, friendly monster.  And a vegetarian!

Now it’s up to Zander and Ben to make sure the Evil Vampire King never finds them—or this may be the SCARIEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

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Sam Hollister and his stepsister, Leesha, head home from boarding school for the holidays.  But when they arrive, Cameron, the butler, looks an awful lot like Frankenstein.

Why does Mom insist on being called “Mummy?” And why does she look like one, too?

Why does Dad sleep during the day?  And why does little brother grow fuzzier during a full moon?

Sam and Leesha must figure out a way to break the holiday spell before they are turned into monsters, too—and Christmas joy becomes a CHRISTMAS NIGHTMARE . . . .

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Something is strange about the new girl in Joey Ocean’s class.  Her name is Xia Dedd.  She never speaks, and her wild red hair blows in the breeze—even inside.

There’s one thing Xia can do:  “mind talk” with Joey.  He learns that Dr. Samedi is experimenting on humans, and Xia is one of his unfortunate subjects.

Together, they must find a way to stop the evil doctor before it’s too late for Xia—and possibly, ALL OF HUMANKIND!

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Original covers from Scholastic: