Ghost Twins Mystery Series

Cover art by Doug Cushman
Middle Grade Mystery Series
Curtis Brown Studios
Originally published by Scholastic

GT #1: Mystery at Kickingbird Lake

The Shook family moves into the Ghost Twins’ former home–now a rental at the Kickingbird Lake Resort. And they bring a cat! How will Thatch, the Ghost Dog, handle a cat in his house? And what about the treasure the Shook kids find at Kickingbird Lake? The treasure belongs to the Ghost Twins—and they want it back. . . . Barnes & Noble

GT #2: Mystery at One Wish Pond

Aunt Jenny brings her city nephews to Kickingbird to teach them how to survive in the wilderness. What a perfect opportunity for the Ghost Twins to practice their haunting skills! But when mysterious noises in the night frighten the boys, the Ghost Twins are equally scared. WHAT is out there? Barnes & Noble

GT #3: Mystery on Walrus Mountain

A winter carnival brings Noah to Kickingbird. He is hesitant about competing in the ski races because–not only was he injured–but he lost his dad’s first-place medal somewhere on the mountain. Now, he’ll ski only in his computer games. When the Ghost Dog and Robbie end up inside Noah’s computer, facing danger, the twins have to figure out how to get out of the computer and how to convince Noah to face the real mountain again. Barnes & Noble

GT #4: Mystery of the Missing Moose

With the Ghost Twins’ “help,” Jamie, is searching for Morty the Moose, a statue stolen from the town square 50 years ago. Jamie’s grandmother, a famous artist, is painting pictures of “early Kickingbird.” But how did mysterious clues about the missing moose end up in the paintings? Is another ghost involved? Does the ghost want the moose to be found? Or will it do anything to scare away Jamie and the Ghost Twins? Barnes & Noble

GT #5: Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs

A honeymooning couple moves into the Ghost Twin’s house, along with a St. Bernard, who Thatch adores. But the dog disappears—along with another dog from Juniper Valley who belongs to a girl named Alix. The twins help Alix look for the missing dogs, yet she disappears as well. It’s up to the twins and Thatch to save both Alix and the dogs. Barnes & Noble

GT #6: Mystery of the Haunted Campground

Beka is over the moon when a group of Mountain Adventure Girls come to Kickingbird. She’s a former MAC girl, too! Robbie isn’t as thrilled, but Beka can’t wait to go camping–and pretend she’s one of the girls. Yet once they set up camp in the woods, strange things begin to happen. Could Lake Park Campground be haunted? By another ghost? Barnes & Noble

GT #7: Mystery at Hanover School

The Ghost Twins hop on a school bus to visit Hanover, their old school. A new school has been built around the old bell tower–a new school that’s in deep financial trouble.  When the twins explore the mysterious room at the top of the bell tower, they discover a secret that might save Hanover. But how can they make someone else discover it? Especially after they get locked inside?

GT #8: Mystery of the Haunted Castle

When the Ghost Twins leave a library book open in the Gazebo, they are shocked to see the Ghost Dog show up in an illustration—on the pathway to a castle! How did Thatch get inside the book? The only way to rescue their dog is to go in after him—except now, the twins are part of the story! How will they ever get out of the story—and out of the book?

Original covers from Scholastic: