Ghost Twins Series

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*Ghost Twins #1-#4, coming this fall

as ebooks and paperbacks with new covers!*

According to the report in the Juniper Daily News, Robbie Zuffel and his twin sister, Beka, were victims of a boating accident on Kickingbird Lake, along with their dog, Thatch.

What the report doesn’t say is that the trio returns fifty years later—as ghosts!

Their house has been turned into a rental at the Kickingbird Lake Resort, so now they have to put up with tourists who don’t know the house is “haunted” by the twins and their ornery ghost dog.

#1  Mystery at Kickingbird Lake

#2  Mystery of One-Wish Pond

#3  Mystery on Walrus Mountain

#4  Missing Moose Mystery

#5  Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs

#6  Haunted Campground Mystery

#7  Mystery at Hanover School

#8 Mystery of the Haunted Castle

“Regan’s chipper novel will appeal to boys and girls alike.  Humorous detail, spry dialogue, and characters that are, well, spirited, mark this as a promising series.” ~ Publishers Weekly

“A new series that looks very good—a real charmer.”  ~Mystery Lovers Bookshop News